We’re always on the look out for the best coffee in Vancouver no matter what district we happen to be in. Using the discoveree app we’ve picked out the 10 places for the best coffee in Kitsilano. So next time you’re in the area, whether shopping, at the beach or doing some yoga, make sure you check them out for your hit of the best coffee in Kitsilano!


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Kahve is a bit of a newcomer on the Kitsilano coffee shop scene having opened last November. Kahve serves the popular Elysian coffee alongside tasty light lunches featuring the sort of ingredients you’d expect to see in a Kits coffee shop. You can also grab your morning pastry alongside your coffee on the way to work or to the beach!

Location: 1822 West 1st Avenue at Burrard
Buzz: 88.5
Good for: Working, Socializing


Work out. Hang out. Take out. How very Kitsilano. TurF on Kitsilano’s 4th Avenue is a one stop shop for fitness, coffee and meetings. The coffee here is roasted by Moja and you’ll find a fairly extensive menu of smoothie bowls, buddha bowls and more to keep you full after a fitness class. This Kitsilano coffee shop is bang on trend.

Location: 2041 W 4th Ave
Buzz: 91.8
Good for: Working, Socializing, Relaxing

49th Parallel

As one of Vancouver’s most popular and well known coffee roasters, 49th Parallel hardly needs introducing. This particular 49th Parallel location has a big open solarium in which to relax or catch up on your emails. Of course it wouldn’t be a cup of 49th Parallel coffee without the Lucky’s Doughnut to go with it! Go earlier and get ‘em while they’re fresh!

Location: 2198 W 4th Ave
Buzz: 99.5
Good for: Working


Arbutus Coffee serves freshly-ground coffee, espresso and house-prepared light meals alongside some baked treats. The Arbutus Grocery has been on this particular lot in Kitsilano in one form or another since 1907. In all that time the exterior has remained much the same adding to the charm of this Kitsilano coffee shop. It’s not the best place in Kitsilano for working, but if it’s a good coffee you need then you’ll find it here.

Location: 2200 Arbutus St
Buzz: 87
Good for: Socializing

Platform 7

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With Seattle famous Stumptown coffee and a super cool interior, it’s no wonder Platform 7’s Buzz score is so high on discoveree. Platform 7’s locally-sourced baked goods and in house sandwiches go well with a cup of coffee, whilst the funky beats and interior inspired by a Parisian train station make the perfect backdrop for a leisurely catch up with friends.

Location: 2300 W.Broadway
Buzz: 96
Good for: Relaxing, Socializing

Olive & Ruby

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If you’ve only ever seen one Kitsilano coffee shop you’ve seen on instagram before then the chances are it’s this one. Olive & Ruby’s bright and pinterest-friendly interior is a hit with budding photographers. But it’s not all about the location, their coffee from Pallet Roasters, is pretty tasty too!

Location: 2839 W.Broadway
Buzz: 97.2
Good for: Relaxing, Socializing

Beaucoup Bakery & Cafe

For those mornings when you really need a croissant and a coffee for breakfast on the go, make sure you head to Kitsilano’s Beaucoup Bakery & Cafe. These pastries are up there with the best in Vancouver, let alone Kitsilano. Make sure you keep going back as the pastries change seasonally and you won’t want to miss out!

Location: 2150 Fir St
Buzz: 93.8
Good for: Relaxing

The Only Cafe

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The Only Cafe is not only known for its coffee but also it’s big range of teas all with very exotic sounding names. At discoveree we know coffee and so do The Only Cafe! Have your coffee brewed in a variety of ways including Syphon or Belgium Pot: the choice is yours!

Location: 2678 W 4th Avenue
Buzz: 82.4
Good for: Relaxing, Working

Gypsy Rose Crepe Cafe

Sure, they may be known for their deliciously light crepes, but the coffee is pretty great too. If you’re looking for a summery breakfast in Kitsilano on a Sunday then Gypsy Rose Crepe Cafe is the place to be. Make breakfast even more summery by opting for an affogato (that’s coffee with a scoop of ice cream!).

Location: 2017 West 4th Avenue
Buzz: 73.3
Good for: Relaxing

Cafe Lokal

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Cafe Lokal is decidedly different from the other Kitsilano coffee shops nearby. It’s not gone for the all-white interior with green cacti adorning the walls. Instead this cafe feels a bit older, but that’s all part of the appeal. Complete with a fireplace, comfy sofas, mis-matched chairs and an eclectic mix of customers you won’t find many places better for people watching. Cafe Lokal is very Euro inspired so it’s no surprise that the coffee you get here is a good, strong, Italian coffee. Perfect.

Location2610 W 4th Ave
Buzz: 68.1
Good for: Relaxing