At discoveree we’re always on the lookout for the best coffee shops to work in in Vancouver (our home city). It’s not always as easy as picking the first one you see. We’re on the lookout for coffee shops that meet three criteria.

First, it must have wifi. You might think that’s so we can get our work done. But no. It’s basically so we can procrastinate by checking out the ultra cool coffee shops that have just been posted in our app.

Secondly, there must be good coffee. Oh, and if we can get free refills then all the better! There have to be plugs. Our laptop batteries are good but they’re not that good.

Lastly, the seats must be comfortable. We’re not joking when we say we’ve even considered carrying a cushion with us at some coffee shops where the seats just weren’t up to scratch!

Now that that’s settled, let’s take a look at the best coffee shops to work in in Vancouver.


Aperture Coffee


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Aperture is a fantastic place to get some work done whether you’re a freelancer or a student. It’s bright, welcoming and has both plugs and wifi. Aperture brew tasty Intelligentsia coffee and serve this alongside sandwiches and baked goods. There are plenty of tables for groups so why not hold your next meeting there?

Address: 243 West Broadway, Mount Pleasant


Waves Coffee



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Waves Coffee was born (and brewed) in Vancouver.T hey’ve now spread to locations outside of the city and remain a reliable go-to for locals who need coffee while they get their work done. They even claim to be the first coffee shop in the area to have offered their customers free wifi. Take them up on it!

Address: All around Vancouver

Matchstick Coffee Roasters


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Bright, spacious, and very hip, both Matchstick Coffee Roasters locations are ideal for snagging a seat and getting your head down. Their coffee is pretty fantastic too. The communal seating isn’t the best place for noisy groups. Also make sure you’ve got plenty of charge as it can be hard to find a plug sometimes.

Address: 639 E 15th Ave, Mount Pleasant and 213 E Georgia Street, Chinatown




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We couldn’t write about Vancouver coffee without mentioning every popular Revolver. Whilst the coffee shop area itself is pretty small, it does have a separate dedicated room with extra seating called the Archive. It’s the ideal spot for writers – freelancers and hobbyists alike – who like their surroundings artsy.

Address: 325 Cambie St.

Nelson the Seagull


Nelson the Seagull is forever appearing on our Instagram feeds. This much loved cafe is run by a South African brother and sister team, Jono and Lee. Their extra-large, eclectic space offers couch seating, antique tables and chairs and a well-worn communal table.

You can’t go without ordering their infamous ‘Avocado on Toasts’ for breakfast or brunch. Jono bakes sourdough bread in-house daily and the almond milk is made in-house. You’ll often see business meetings going down in here and they don’t see opposed to you working there for a few hours.

Address: 315 Carrall St

Prado Cafe



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We’re big fans of Prado Cafe, but particularly the one on Fraser Street. The local chain is owned and run by four-time Canadian barista champion, Sammy Piccolo. It’s the go-to for many discerning coffee drinkers and you’ll see the freshly ground espresso is weighed, shots are timed and and an extract mojo refractometer is used regularly to ensure espresso shots are perfect.

Address: 4208 Fraser St, Vancouver, BC V5V 4E8 | Coffee Shop


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