It doesn’t take long for those new to Vancouver to come across 49th Parallel Coffee Roasters. Not only do they have their own cafes, but many of Vancouver’s coffee shops serve Parallel Coffee themselves.

It’s not all about the coffee at Parallel Coffee Roasters though, they also serve some of the best donuts in the whole of Vancouver!

49th Parallel Coffee

It’s hard to argue about the popularity of 49th Parallel Coffee. Not only will you find dozens of coffee shops throughout Vancouver proudly grinding it, but you’ll also find it in Toronto and California! It’s consistently good and a great coffee to start with if you’re just getting into your indie coffee.

A coffee at 49th Parallel with cost about $4.00 and a latte is around $4.25.


You can’t go and not get a doughnut. The two 49th Parallel outlets serve Lucky’s doughnuts. One of the best flavours is the lemon meringue doughnut with perfectly fluffy meringue on top! Or, go the full Canadian and get a maple bacon donut!


In both branches of 49th Parallel you’ll find beautiful interiors. The Kitsilano outlet has a conservatory which is lovely when the sun shines and then there’s some outside seating on the Main Street cafe.

Both are, as you’d expect, very busy so don’t go thinking it’ll be a great coffee shop to work during the week. It’s best for socializing and relaxing with friends or a good book.