After a while, coffee shops can begin to look a little same-y.  The same white tiles, the same wooden tables. But this isn’t the case with Vancouver’ Birds and the Beets. Birds and the Beets is like a magical, secret garden. There are flower arrangements that wouldn’t look out of place in a florist. They’re licensed too and hold pop up evening events so there’s alway a reason to visit one of our favourite Vancouver coffee shops.

Birds and the Beets coffee

As coffee prices in Vancouver go, coffee at Birds and the Beets is reasonably priced at $4. It might not be the strongest coffee you can find in the city, but it’s usually strong enough for most and the latte art is great! The beans are from local Bow and Arrow up on Main Street. There are also plenty of other coffee types on offer too.


Birds and the Beets aim to get people to rethink the traditional “coffee and baked goods” cafe model. They want to be “insanely food focused” and to that end you’ll find plenty of delicious foods.

You can expect brioche bun breakfast sandwiches, albacore tuna salad with egg and avocado yoghurt; lamb leg sandwiches and plenty more.

What’s better still is that the food is brought up from the cafe’s cellar. They make their own yoghurts, pickled vegetables, savoury and sweet preserves and have also fermented their own sauerkraut, kimchi, kombucha and ginger beer!


If you enter Birds and Beets from Powell Street you’ll probably by shocked at how small the space is. However, there’s a more expansive room to the back which can be accessed from Alexander Street.

The cafe alone will be enough to keep you entertained and when that’s done there’s the people watching to do! There are numerous cubbyholes, nooks, still-life art and flowers (from nearby Wild Bunch Florist). There is freshly made granola on the counter, bags of coffee to take home, and a trolley filled with cookbooks that’ll give you plenty of inspiration.