Hidden away off of Main Street is Le Marche St George. It’s close enough to Main Street to be the perfect place to relax after some shopping, but far enough not to be packed full of people.

Le Marche St George is just one of the local coffee spots you can find on our free app. Want more? Take a look right now!

Le Marche St George’s coffee

Le Marche St George get their beans from local roasters Oughtred and serve the coffee in a variety of ways. The Cafe Noisette – espresso with heavy cream – is delicious! Another thing to know is that if you order a latte at Le Marche St George you can expect it to be large! French cafes tend to serve coffee in bowls when you order a “Cafe au lait” rather than a “cafe creme”, and the former is what you’ll likely to get here. It’s definitely good value!


Since the cafe is French you can expect to see crepes on the menu. They’re soft, light and delicious. On top of that the menu is a bit more extensive than just Nutella or lemon and sugar.The smoked turkey, fig and brie crepe sounds delicious!  There are both sweet and savoury crepes, pastries, quiches and sandwiches too. Everything you need for a tasty lunch.


The outside of the cafe is very attractive and you’ll often find people outside in the summer. It looks like a heritage house from the outside. The inside is quite rustic; almost like an old French house and we love it!