When Vancouver’s coffee royalty teamed up to create Gastown’s Nemesis Coffee, only good things could happen.  The five owners are skilled, enthusiastic and have a deep, true love of coffee. It’s no surprise that Nemesis Coffee is one of the best ranked coffee shops in Vancouver on discoveree!

Nemesis Coffee’s coffee

Given the owners’ love of coffee you’d be right to expect some fancier brewing methods and great quality beans. A pour over coffee at Nemesis Coffee will cost you around $4.5. It’s made in front of you at their v60 pour over station. If you’ve never had a pour over coffee before you should definitely order one on your visit to Nemesis Coffee.


Nemesis coffee isn’t just about great coffee. You’ll also find some original, and extremely tasty, dishes on the menu.

Their duck and waffles ($16) dish is a big hit with customers who love the duck done three ways. You’ll get coffee smoked duck slices, braised duck leg and crispy duck with hoisin, cucumber and very fluffy waffles. Brunch sorted.

If you fancy something a bit lighter then treat yourself to some of their impressive pastries, huge cookies or a healthy Bircher muesli.


Unlike some of the other coffee shops in Gastown, Nemesis Coffee is quite large. That makes it a great all rounder when it comes to atmosphere. There’s enough seating (about 40 seats) for visitors whether they’ve come to relax, work or socialize. Indeed, you’ll often see busy Vancouverites catching up on emails. Take up a seat at the communal table for an hour or so while you indulge in great coffee and great food.